The fantastic Meloneras hotels by Lopesan

Explore the south of Gran Canaria from one of our luxurious Meloneras hotels, perfect for couples, holidays with friends or family. Its unbeatable location in the middle of the Maspalomas Dunes Nature Reserve attracts many tourists every year who are looking for exclusive comfort and premium services. The nearby Pasito Blanco marina and the iconic Maspalomas Lighthouse makes it a location with plenty for everyone to enjoy.

Lopesan Meloneras Hotels
	Meloneras Hotels


Lopesan offers a range of Meloneras hotels that are the very definition of luxury and comfort. In all of them, you'll find the rest and relaxation you are looking for. You can book your stay at the 5-star Lopesan Baobab Resort, a fascinating hotel with its characteristic African style. You can choose the 4-star Lopesan Costa Meloneras Resort, Corallium Spa & Casino, the definition of luxury and elegance. Lastly, the impressive 5-star Lopesan Villa del Conde Resort & Thalasso, which will captivate you with its proximity to the sea and charming traditional architecture.

Landscape and climate

The Meloneras area has become a benchmark for high-quality tourism in recent years. Its strategic location near the sea, as well as the exclusive hotels, have made it the perfect alternative for those looking for unusual holidays in Gran Canaria. The Maspalomas Dunes Nature Reserve is a unique feature and a real treat for the sense. Contemplate the vastness of the ocean and the stretch of white sand from any of our hotels for families and adults in Meloneras. The lush vegetation of the gardens, a result of the island's subtropical climate, add an incomparable charm. The palm trees sway in the gentle breeze and the warm temperatures.

	Partial view of the Maspalomas Dunes near the Lopesan Meloneras Hotels
	Couple enjoying a bike ride at sunset near the Lopesan Meloneras Hotels

Leisure and activities

The lively Meloneras promenade is popular with tourists. The Boulevard El Faro Shopping Centre is the place to shop, with exclusive boutiques and international brands. If golf is your thing, Meloneras boasts one of Gran Canaria's best courses. The Meloneras Golf course with its hectares of natural and panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean are sure to impress. This area of the island also offers an interesting range of beauty and wellness options. Visit our facilities for a beauty treatment or massage. If you like walking, there's nothing like a stroll past the imposing Maspalomas Lighthouse, an iconic landmark on Gran Canaria.


Meloneras is a top-class culinary destination. With its location on the Atlantic coast, Meloneras offer a wide selection of dishes made from fresh fish and seafood. Enjoy a delicious seafood paella as you gaze at the stunning views of the coast. There is also the chance to try top-quality meat and recipes from all five continents. If you stay with Lopesan in Meloneras, you can try these culinary delicacies in local restaurants and at the restaurants and buffets at our hotels.

	Gastronomy in Lopesan Meloneras Hotels

Hotels in Meloneras

A holiday full of luxury, entertainment and sprinkled with an exotic touch is now possible at Lopesan Baobab Resort. This 5-star hotel in Meloneras (Gran Canaria) offers the most select customers an environment which evokes African countries; from the wild appearance of its flora, to the colour of its buildings, earthy and intriguing just like the slopes of Kilimanjaro. Sometimes, all we need is a suggestive and captivating environment, without giving up the comfort and relaxation we desire in our daily lives. Therefore, this exclusive Gran Canaria resort is one of the most original, striking and spectacular hotel complexes on the island.
The first thing you notice about this Gran Canaria hotel is its appearance. With a façade imitating African elements, a colossal entrance to welcome guests and lush vegetation, the Lopesan Baobab Hotel impresses at first glance. But you just need to go through its doors to realise it has much more to offer. Anyone who stays here will discover, surprisingly, that the rooms and the services and the gastronomic offer are spectacular.

Holidays are a special time for us to load up with positive energy so that we can go back to our daily lives with our batteries recharged. The Lopesan Costa Meloneras Resort & Spa is a magical place in Meloneras, the most exclusive tourist area in Gran Canaria. The Maspalomas Dunes Nature Reserve's desert landscape provides a unique backdrop where you can daydream and relax whilst taking long walks along the beach.
As soon as you arrive at this Resort in Gran Canaria you will be welcomed by a majestic palace. Its windows, doors and archways take visitors back to colonial times, which is typical of the Island’s architecture. Once you've crossed the entrance, more than 2,000 palm trees guide you to your room, making you feel like you're in an oasis in the middle of the desert. Everything is designed so that you can relax, feel and experience the typical Canary culture in a warm, welcoming environment that mesmerises you from the get-go.
As we said, this hotel "Lopesan Costa Meloneras Resort &Spa" in Gran Canaria is a superior 4-star hotel located in a prime location, right on the seafront promenade, a stone's throw from the beach and not far from the Maspalomas Dunes Nature Reserve in the south of the island. An idyllic place to lose yourself and enjoy taking a stroll until the sun goes down, relaxing and feeling at one with nature

Lopesan Villa del Conde Resort and Thalasso is the only hotel of its kind in gran canaria, not only in terms of the services it offers but also because of its unique design. When they walk through the doors, guests feel like they are in a typical canary island village: balconies, façades, fountains... Everything reflects the typical, traditional island architecture, creating a warm and friendly atmosphere that enchants visitors right from the start.
As soon as you arrive you walk into reception, cleverly built like a neoclassical church; the rooms are laid out like a stately home and the central square is in the same style as those in the villages all over the island.
This 5-star hotel in meloneras stands out for the unbeatable quality of its facilities and the wide variety of options available to guests. It features 9 different options for the best
Gastronomy, including restaurants, cafés, cocktail bars and poolside dining areas. Each one features a full menu with local and international specialities, creating an unforgettable culinary experience.