Photo Gallery of Lopesan Baobab Resort

Am image is worth a thousand words and this is more than true of the images and photos of Lopesan Baobab Resort. Because, generally speaking, when looking for a luxury hotel for our much-needed summer holidays, we place great importance on its look and appearance. We don't want to simply tell you about the pools, restaurant or rooms with words, we want to show you.

We need to close our eyes, visualise it and imagine we are there.

We think that the gallery of pictures of the Lopesan Baobab Hotel is the best way for our customers to discover our facilities. However, although these photos reliably represent the areas of our hotel, there is something they cannot capture: the well-being and comfort experienced by our guests when they stay with us.

What do the images and photos of Lopesan Baobab Resort show?

The visual content for Lopesan Baobab Resort is based on three key themes: the pool, the rooms and the gardens.

Firstly, the photos of the pool at Hotel Baobab Resort accurately convey the pleasantness of this area. The clear and clean waters, the extensive bathing areas for adults and children, the comfortable hammocks in which to sunbathe... It is very evocative, suggestive. It is somewhere that anyone would enjoy spending their holidays.

However, we mustn’t forget the photos of the gardens at Lopesan Baobab Hotel, probably one of the aspects which distinguishes this luxury resort in Meloneras. The African-style vegetation invites guests to wander and lose themselves in an alternative universe in which they are not in the Canary Islands but on another continent and immersed in ancestral culture. The images of these emotive gardens, in combination with those of the pool, give you a very specific idea of our outdoor areas.

And, finally, we can see photos of the rooms at Lopesan Baobab Hotel, which try to summarise in images the most attractive and important aspects of each type of accommodation: the lounge, the bathroom, the bed, the views from the terrace, etc. Above all, when our guests arrive at their room we want them to smile from ear to ear and think: “this is what I expected”.

In addition, our gallery includes other images which are just as important: photos of the bars and restaurants and their meticulous architecture, photos of the offerings at the buffet, lively scenes from the leisure and entertainment activities, etc. Finally, the images and photos of the Lopesan Baobab Resort are more than a collection of nice visual content. They are a portal to another dimension: our hotel.

*With regard to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, some of the services and products mentioned in the description may be modified to ensure correct compliance with the security protocols and current regulations of Lopesan Hotel Group.