Hotels in Playa del Inglés by Lopesan, an endless range of possibilities.

If you're looking for a great hotel on the sunny Atlantic coasts of Gran Canaria, choose from any of the hotels in Playa del Inglés by Lopesan. This southern part of the island is one of the best known and most popular with tourists because of the natural beauty of its beach and its location close to the Maspalomas Dunes. You can also visit the lively promenade, and the nearby shops, bars and restaurants.

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	Landscape and weather at the Playa del Ingles Hotels

Landscape and climate

The idyllic Maspalomas area has views of the Atlantic Ocean and a 6-kilometre-long beach. The view blends into the panorama of the Maspalomas Dunes, a stretch of white sand of incomparable beauty. The warm sun and soft sea breezes are two of the main elements that create a feeling of well-being. You'll also enjoy the subtropical plants with palm trees and a wide range of plants and flowers. The Maspalomas hotels by Lopesan make it possible to enjoy this picture postcard view.

Leisure and activities

You'll find a range of entertaining water sports. On the beach, you can try surfing, paddle surf, parasailing and kayaking. Or, a spot of sunbathing or an exotic camel ride. At night, the lively centre lights up and entertains visitors with the best range of leisure options and the most appetising restaurants. The communal areas of our hotels in Playa del Inglés are another great way to have a good time, thanks to the programme of daily and evening activities. Our facilities will provide quality entertainment with an extensive range of services.

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	Gastronomy in Lopesan Hotels Playa del Ingles


Playa del Inglés is the perfect place to try the exquisite typically Canarian dishes, like the famous papas arrugadas con mojo. The coastal location means that fish and seafood dishes occupy prime place on the menu. If you're interested in trying the best international cuisine, you won't be disappointed here. The cosmopolitan and multicultural atmosphere means visitors can sample a delicious range of international cuisines, from European dishes to American, Asian and even African specialities.

Playa del Ingles hotels

One of the Lopesan resorts in the area is the stunning Abora Catarina by Lopesan Hotels, a 4-star hotel that is Lopesan's most innovative yet. The Abora hotels in Playa del Inglés add a touch of fun, light and colour to your holidays. There are also other interesting hotels in Playa del Inglés. The 4-star Corallium Dunamar by Lopesan Hotels is right on the beach and guarantees stunning views of the Canarian coast. If you prefer the lively centre of town, try the Abora Buenaventura by Lopesan Hotels, a 4-star hotel. The modern, 3-star Abora Continental by Lopesan Hotels is a charming hotel near the beach.

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Hotels in Playa del Inglés

Now you have the chance to relax and enjoy a great holiday at Hotel Corallium Dunamar. This Gran Canaria hotel is the perfect place for you to switch off from your routine; take an endless soak in the sea or one of our pools, savour the rich cuisine or relax with a cocktail while you gaze out over the Atlantic Ocean.

For those who want to take their vacations to the next level, we present Unique by Lopesan, a unique and exclusive experience where customers can enjoy better types of rooms, unique services such as the Unique breakfast and access to exclusive areas such as the Unique solarium and the VIP Lounge.

Its unique architecture (which resembles a pyramid) makes Corallium Dunamar by Lopesan Hotels stand out among the other buildings in the area. Its unique and stylish air will not go unnoticed. This, along with the comforts on offer to guests, makes it the best option for those looking for a holiday by the sea. Will you come with us to discover it?

Why stay at Corallium Dunamar by Lopesan Hotels in Playa del Inglés? The Corallium Dunamar by Lopesan Hotels is located in one of the most interesting tourist resorts on the island of Gran Canaria, opposite the famous and spectacular beach of Playa del Inglés. It offers unbeatable views of the coast and the Maspalomas Dunes. Relax while you stroll along the magnificent, endless beach and delight in the sunrises and sunsets worthy of the movies. Return to your Playa del Inglés hotel to continue to enjoy those good holiday feelings.

The island of Gran Canaria is a great choice for those in search of long and sunny days thanks to its outstanding geographic location and the beneficial influence of the trade winds and the Azores High. With more than 300 days of sunshine a year and 4,800 annual hours of light, it is the place with the best climate in Europe, and arguably, in the world.
The Abora Continental by Lopesan Hotels benefits from these enviable climate conditions. Also, as it is located at the heart of Playa del Inglés, just a few metres from the sea, it is possible to feel the cool sea breeze, even on warm days, which provides a pleasant sensation of wellbeing. Undoubtedly, it is the perfect location for those who wish to enjoy memorable holidays in a unique place.
The Abora Continental by Lopesan is a small family hotel located right at the heart of the Playa del Inglés tourist area. A unique place that brings together activity, tourism and leisure. Also, the beach that gives name to the area, which stretches for more than 6 kilometres, will delight anyone who wants to lose themselves by enjoying long walks.

According to Guanche mythology, the sun god Abora tempered the winters and blessed the inhabitants of the Canary Islands with eternal sunshine. Abora hotels, part of the Lopesan group, now share his philosophy to offer their guests the sunshine and enviable climate that only the Canaries can provide.

Abora Catarina Hotel, your heaven of relaxation in Playa del Inglés. Abora Catarina is a family hotel in Playa del Inglés that has catered for the needs of all types of guests. It has everything our guests need during their holiday. Likewise, it could also be defined as the perfect choice for those seeking an all-inclusive hotel in Gran Canaria, so that the only thing you have to worry about is enjoying yourself.

Apart from all this, the Abora Catarina by Lopesan Hotels is a renovated establishment. It has a modern, functional, fresh and comfortable design that provides outdoor swimming pools, aquasplash areas for the little ones, relaxation areas, yoga and calisthenics areas, as well as a surprising waterpark inspired by Atlantis that will surprise all types of guests.

This area in the south of Gran Canaria is known for its immense and fantastic stretching beach. This long stretch of fine white sand is perfect for having a stroll and enjoying the best of the coastline. But, in addition to its unparalleled beauty, Playa del Inglés stands out for being a destination where good weather is practically guaranteed. Its pleasant and warm climate allows tourists to enjoy the sun almost all year round. And as if that wasn´t enough, its calm waters, with temperatures that range between 18 and 22 degrees, encourage bathing and water sports during all the seasons of the year.
For all these reasons, if you are thinking of a change of scenery and looking for a destination with a guaranteed good climate. One that also offers leisure and fun options. This is your place.
The Abora Buenaventura by Lopesan Hotels, classed as a 4-star, is a hotel in the centre of Playa del Inglés, an area where shopping, fun and nightlife combine perfectly to the delight of locals and tourists.
If you want to have fun in an idyllic environment and place, you cannot miss out on the Abora Buenaventura, an entertainment- loaded Gran Canaria hotel. A space created for those in search of the best fun. During the day you can enjoy yourself with a refreshment at the pool. Visit the bars that we have in the water area, and our staff will be delighted to serve you. Imagine yourself sat next to the water, enjoying a delicious cocktail or cold drink. Fancy it?
However, this Lopesan hotel has a lot more to offer. It is a perfect hotel for adults and children. The children’s shows, the range of sports activities, the fact we make everything so easy so that you always have just what you need to hand...everything is designed for family enjoyment. Our establishment offers what is needed for entertainment filled holidays.