Photo Gallery of Abora Catarina by Lopesan Hotels

At Lopesan we know that one of your main concerns when your start planning your holiday is whether your accommodation will meet your expectations.

¿That’s why we’re giving you a taste of what’s to come you at the Abora Catarina Hotel, in our picture gallery: communal areas, swimming pools, restaurant areas and rooms. So you can start dreaming of your stay in Playa del Inglés, right next to the spectacular Dunas de las Maspalomas nature reserve.

The rooms at the Abora Catarina Hotel rooms have been renovated to offer you a modern and comfortable, though elegant space; whichever one you choose, we would like to show you a selection of Abora Catarina Hotel Room Pictures: space, comfort and relaxationunite in an exclusive setting with the Lopesan seal of quality.

On the other hand, when you consider booking your holidays on an island whose climate is among the best in the world, it's only natural to question if the swimming pools and outdoor areas will meet your expectations. As we know that a picture is worth a thousand words, we present you with the Abora Catarina Hotel Pool Pictures: enjoy up to

5 outdoor pools and 7000 square metres of gardens. Will you have time to visit all of them? Of course you will!

Another highlight of your days of relaxation will be the food and drink.

So just by browsing through the Abora Catarina Hotel Picture Gallery you get an idea of how delicious our menu really is. A variety of recipes, textures and flavours that will conquer even the most discerning of palates. We offer you a whole range of carefully selected fresh products, prepared by our specialised staff.

We are delighted that you are joining us on this tour of our facilities, and we are excited to show you the entire Abora Catarina Hotel Picture Gallery.