Abora Interclub Atlantic by Lopesan Hotels Gastronomy

Our charming hotel in San Agustín (Gran Canaria) has a wide range of choices on our menu, which are bound to satisfy even the most demanding palate. Every day, our chefs create different dishes from the best of the island's cuisine, and from the rest of the world too. The fresh, seasonal ingredients, carefully selected by our experts, create dishes with a unique, intense flavour that you will find unforgettable.

The Abora Interclub Atlantic by Lopesan Hotels’s cuisine will be to everyone's liking

You may have a sweet-tooth or be a passionate vegetarian, but the Abora Interclub Atlantic by Lopesan Hotels buffet will satisfy everyone!The resort's main buffet, sABOReA is a bright, spacious place, where guests can find a varied menu with numerous hot and cold culinary options, along with fruit, desserts and drinks.

As we are a hotel offering all-inclusive, you will find satisfying breakfasts, substantial lunches and dinner will all the trimmings; and the advantage of no additional payments required.

Furthermore, the interesting bars of the Abora Interclub Atlantic will be worth a visit. At the Lobby Terrace Bar and La Palapa Bar you will be able to find an all- inclusive drink menu with different beverages, coffee, tea, longdrinks and cocktails.

If you are the kind of person that always needs a snack on hand, you will definitely enjoy the four different food stations of our Snack & Go with a varied weekly offer: Italian, Burger, Natural and Desserts. Lastly, our self- service snack point 24/7 by Abora opens round the clock and offers drinks, sweets, pastries and sandwiches.

In short, the extensive gastronomic offer of Abora Interclub Atlantic by Lopesan Hotels means you can sample a wide range of delicacies, try some refreshing cocktails from our selection and have fun watching the sunset while nibbling on snacks or an appetiser. Stay for a few days in this fully comprehensive Lopesan resort. You won't be disappointed!

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