The Bavaro Beach is one of the best beaches in the Dominican Republic. If you have ever dreamed of crystal clear waters, fine white sand and a landscape full of palm trees, then you have dreamt of this paradisiacal beach located in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic — a dream that can only come true if you travel to the Caribbean. Have we convinced you? Well, pay attention to everything we have to tell you about Bavaro Beach.

One of the best beaches in the Dominican Republic ⇨ Playa Bavaro

This small corner of the planet called Punta Cana has the largest and best beaches in the world. Playa Bavaro is an emblematic place within the Dominican Republic and it is surrounded by the most important service centers. It has a hotel and leisure expansion eminent thanks to its high tourist level.

The Bavaro Beach began as a resting place for the natives of Punta Cana. Little by little it has become the most visited area in the Dominican Republic. So much that UNESCO declared Bavaro Beach as one of the three best beaches in the world.

Its attractive landscape captivates anyone. If you want to get there, you must go from the capital of Punta Cana to the south of Higüey, and a few kilometers away you will find this paradisiacal beach.

Why is Bavaro Beach so special?

Bavaro Beach, along with other nearby beaches, takes part of what is known as the Coco coast. It extends uninterruptedly to along 40 kilometres of white sand, and the climate is tropical all year round. The temperatures vary from 19° to 34°, the coldest season is from November to April and the hottest is from May to October. However, August is the warmest month of the year.

Most flights arrive at Punta Cana’s international airport, and from there tourists head for the hotels of Bavaro Beach which is only a few minutes away from this area. Approximately 5 to 6 million people come from abroad every year to visit the beach.

One of the advantages of planning a trip to these places is that you can go with your family, with your friends, with your partner, as a study trip… It is suitable for all audiences

Playa Bavaro is a paradisiacal place, a dream come true. The care offered is first class, and the activities never end. In Bavaro Beach, you can breathe happiness. The restaurants are full of luxury and all kinds of food, drinks and desserts typical of the area.

What can you do in Bavaro Beach?

You can perform many types of activities in Bavaro Beach. Leisure and entertainment are so diverse that plans can be adapted to all types of tourists, as well as all kinds of needs and preferences.

There are other beaches in the area, but Bavaro Beach has all the fun assured. Some of the activities you can do during your stay here are listed below.


The travel to Bavaro Beach start here

You can’t go on holidays to Punta Cana without sailing a catamaran. Seeing that sea and those crystal clear waters so close up by taking a leisurely stroll, or going on a party boat is something you can’t miss at Bavaro Beach.



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The sea in this area is very suitable for snorkeling because it is usually calm and the water is completely transparent. It is a very fun activity, which you cannot do on any beach of Punta Cana, and it will allow you enjoy the incredible barrier of coral de Bavaro Beach.

Enjoy the hotel


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Some of the hotels located in Bavaro Beach are real dream resorts that count on many activities to do, like the Lopesan Costa Bavaro hotel. There, you can try an exceptional gastronomy and enjoy the tranquility of a day at the resort. Some things in life are priceless!

Going out


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At nightfall, the nightlife and plans begin in the discotheques of Punta Cana. If you want to dance to the rhythm of the music in Bavaro Beach and enjoy the Dominican atmosphere, we strongly recommend you to live this unique experience.

Visit parks


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Water parks are located around the beach to go with your family, to take a romantic walk or simply to visit all the exotic animals that you will find there. You can see dolphins, manatees and many more up close.

Explore the coast in Buggy



Bring out your more adventurous side discovering beauty innermost from the beach. You can explore the entire interior area of Punta Cana and enjoy its charm thanks to the Buggy.

Flying by helicopter


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Flying by helicopter over Bavaro Beach will give you an adrenaline rush while you enjoy the most breathtaking aerial views. It is an exciting activity made for the bravest people. 

As you can see, in Playa Bavaro you can swim, sail, dive, fly, have fun, sunbathe and… Don’t forget to take some incredible photos!

Where to stay in Playa Bavaro?

If we have really convinced you to go on holiday to Punta Cana, you will need to find the perfect place to stay on those days. The Lopesan Group has equipped rooms for you to enjoy the best experience and attention.

Are you looking forward to visiting the best beaches in the Caribbean? Come to our Hotel Lopesan de Costa Bavaro Resort, Spa and Casino for a unique and unforgettable trip.

Dare to live the best holidays of your life enjoying our services, with several green areas and six freshwater pools. You only have to contact us to reserve your room. In addition, on our official website, you will find promotions, special offers and discounts.

Visit Bavaro Beach and make of your holidays the best trip of your life!





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