It is undeniable that the beaches of Gran Canarialocated at the south of the island — are a tourist place of maximum recurrence. Even so, this region has a variety of nooks and crannies outside its beaches that make tourists fall in love with it. There are many things to see in Gran Canaria.

In Lopesan we recommend that, in addition to enjoying good accommodation, you have the opportunity to tour the island from end to end. Gran Canaria has many small but very authentic villages with irresistible natural landscapes.

Down below you will find our 7 favourite things to see on Gran Canaria before you go. That way, you’ll have an idea of the places you can visit on the island.

Dunes of Maspalomas


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This natural space is located to the south of the island, in Maspalomas. It is a very visited destination because it is close to the largest hotel complexes in Gran Canaria.

It is a unique natural reserve on the island where you can observe, jump and even roll in tons of fine sand. Without any doubt, it is one of the first things to see in Gran Canaria.

And you can ride a camel! In addition, in this scenario you will be able to observe the contrast of the sand with the blue of the Atlantic Ocean and its incredible views. You will even get to know the unique plant species that survive in this natural space.

Roque Nublo and Tejeda


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Roque Nublo is located in the interior of the island and for the ancient aborigines of the island was a sacred place. It is a rocky elevation like a slope, fruit of erosion, which forms surprising figures. From Roque Nublo you can enjoy incredible views thanks to its altitude. It is 1813 metres above sea level.

If you want a holiday in Gran Canaria that includes hiking, you cannot fail to visit this incredible place. Likewise, if you are a nature lover, this corner is an essential place, as from there you can make some of the best excursions in Gran Canaria.

The highest point of the route is the Pico de las Nieves. If the day is clear, you can appreciate the volcano El Teide (Tenerife) from there.

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After enjoying Roque Nublo, you can continue until you reach Tejeda, which is considered one of the most beautiful villages on the island. It is a place that you must see in Gran Canaria and it is undoubtedly worth knowing. Enjoying these places will make your vacation a unique experience.

Puerto de Mogan


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Puerto de Mogan is located to the southwest of the island, within the lively seaside town also known as the Venice of the Canary Islands. This beautiful town is characterized by its whitewashed houses with picturesque flowers and a network of water channels. You can also enjoy several fruit plantations. This area stands out for its peculiar and striking design.

Its beach has several services for the most demanding visitors. It has bars to replenish forces, shops and restaurants of national and international food.

Other things to see in Gran Canaria is the Fishermen’s Guild to see how they work in the Puerto de Mogan and delight yourself buying typical products in the shops near the pier.

Mirador El Balcon


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Continuing in the northwest of the island, on the way to the village of San Nicolas, is located Mirador El Balcon. Here, you will find an impressive view of the Atlantic Ocean and you can admire the peculiar rock formations around.

There are some very particular geological formations of some cliffs that simulate a recognizable dragon tail shape. This optical illusion produced by nature simulates a dragon whose head sinks into the ocean. Entering this space you can see the fountain of the tiles and the ravine of La Arena.

In the balcony lookout there are many things to see in Gran Canaria. You will find it exciting to observe the route of the valley in which the village of San Nicolas is located.

Agaete and its natural swimming pools


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Another natural spectacle to see in Gran Canaria is in the town of Agaete. It is a marine area with beautiful valleys that blend with the blue of the Atlantic Ocean. They are famous for their natural pools where you can take a refreshing bath in a very safe way.

In these peculiar natural pools you can dive and get to know the underwater life. Without any doubt it is another destination that you have to see in Gran Canaria.

Following the same route from the port to the village — located in the interior of a valley — you will also be able to contemplate the fruit and coffee plantations of the Agaete valley. You can even visit one of the wineries where the Canarian wines are produced.

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Church of San Juan Bautista de Arucas


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Arucas is by far the most attractive city to see in Gran Canaria. The church of San Juan Bautista is designed in a traditional neogothic style that makes it a great tourist attraction. For the locals, this church is as sacred as a cathedral and as important as a basilica.

The distillery of one of the most famous rums of the island is located in this same city located in the skirt of the old volcano of Arucas. This is also a tourist destination as guided tours of the distillery are offered. There you will learn about the production process of Canarian rum and how it is exported internationally.

In the distillery, they will show you the barrels where the rum is stored. The barrels are signed by a number of celebrities who have visited this place.

Cueva Pintada Museum and Archaeological Park


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This museum is located in the municipality of Galdar, in the northwest of Gran Canaria. You will have the chance to make a trip to the past and discover the rites of the aborigines of the island. In this park you can learn more about the way of life of the first inhabitants of Gran Canaria.

You will discover curious facts about its culture, sacred rites and embalming customs. The archaeological park presents the most relevant artistic expressions of the island of Gran Canaria.

With all these things to see in Gran Canaria, there is no doubt that it is the most suitable place to go on holiday.

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