Catalina island in Punta Cana: how to get there and what to see


If you are looking for a paradise getaway, Catalina Island in Punta Cana is a perfect alternative to travel and free yourself from stress. Imagine 6 miles of crystal-clear water and sand as white as the clouds in the sky. Sound like an ideal destination?

In this post we are going to explain everything you need to know to get to and see Catalina Island, Punta Cana, without leaving any details out. You will see that it is a trip that should not be missing on your list of getaways. Are you ready?

How to get to Catalina Island from Punta Cana?

Catalina Island Punta Cana is a natural park known worldwide for having wonderful coral reefs, where diving, snorkeling and scuba diving are done. This island is quite a hidden place near Punta Cana, which differentiates it from other well-known and popular tourist sites in the Caribbean country.

Catalina Island National Park is only 80 km from Punta Cana; protected by its marine fauna full of extraordinary animals. It was baptized with this name in 1494 by the conqueror Christopher Columbus. Instead, the local Toeya Indians named it Ikkita Island.

Tour to Catalina Island and Altos de Chavón

Located in the southwest of the island of La Española and in the south of the province of La Romana, to get from Punta Cana you have to take the so-called Coral Highway to La Romana. Before taking the catamaran to Catalina Island, we recommend visiting the Altos de Chavon in this province, which is a picturesque reconstruction of a Mediterranean-type village.

Departing from other points in the Dominican Republic, it would take a little longer to arrive, so we advise you to hire an excursion package to Catalina Island, which will provide you with the transport, guide and objects necessary to enjoy the tour.

What to see on Catalina Island?

Ikkita Island or Catalina Island has only 6 miles or 9.4 Km of space, which is why only a few visitors are allowed in per day to take an excursion. So, you must be wondering what you can see and do in this small place in the Dominican Republic. Don’t worry, the options to enjoy your excursion are multiple.

Paradisiacal beaches

If you like quiet beaches with crystal clear waters and lots of marine fauna, Catalina Island in Punta Cana will fascinate you. It is less crowded than other places like Isla Saona, but just as heavenly to visit and relax for a while. Its turquoise waters and white sand are two elements that make this hidden place in the Caribbean so special.

In addition, due to its small size, it only has two beaches for you to enjoy during your stay: Isla Catalina beach and Playa del Este. Both beaches are the ideal rest to get rid of all the stress accumulated during the year. A swimsuit and a towel should not be missing in your bag to fully enjoy the excursion.

Snorkel Catalina Island

Recognized as a protected National Park, you must not stop snorkeling in Catalina Island. The coral reef populations are a spectacular sight and are inhabited by exuberant marine species such as horses, stars and sea sponges, as well as lionfish, among others.

There are two sites known as El Acuario and El Muro, where you can dive and snorkel without major problems. In the Aquarium you will feel that you are swimming like another fish in the water. While in El Muro you will discover the most colorful reef and tropical fish of the place. We recommend practicing these activities in the central hours of the day, when it is hotter, so you get refreshed.

Also, you will find historical areas where shipwrecks occurred such as The Quedagh Merchant pirate ship in the 17th century. The famous captain William Kidd’s ship was stranded on Catalina Island and was discovered in 2007.

If you are a lover of marine fauna, it is an opportunity that you should not miss, since its waters are not only crystal clear, but also very calm for swimming, due to its favorable climatic conditions throughout the year.

Recommendations for visiting Catalina Island

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You already know some things and places to visit during your stay on Catalina Island in Punta Cana, an ideal destination to relax. At Lopesan Group we would like to give you the following recommendations so that you can enjoy yourself to the fullest:

  • Hire an excursion team in case you want to do activities like diving and snorkeling.
  • Wear fresh shoes and clothes to walk on the island: swimsuit, sandals, towel, sunglasses and a cap.
  • Don’t forget sunscreen and always take care of your skin from unnecessary burns.
  • Take with you mosquito repellent to protect yourself from these insects.
  • Protect marine fauna, such as starfish. In case you don’t know, when they are taken out of the sea, they suffer too much because they cannot survive long out of the water.

If you want to know more tips and fascinating places to visit, be sure to visit the blog on our official website.

Where to stay in Punta Cana to visit Catalina Island?

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