The Caribbean Islands are one of the touristic destinations with higher demand all around the world. Among them, the Dominican Republic stands out because of its beautiful beaches and natural scenery. You can dive into its water any time in the year. Moreover, the tourism at Dominican Republic can be both relaxed and calm or, on the other hand, a wonderful place to have fun in a family trip or in a romantic getaway. You should come to this amazing island!

The tourism at Dominican Republic: what should you visit?

The Dominican landscape is as rich in History as it is in natural beauty. Even though the most popular touristic points are the beaches, you will also find unique natural parks where you can meet their native fauna and flora. If you are looking for places to visit in Dominican Republic, we recommend you the following places.

Meet Santo Domingo 

Santo Domingo is the capital city of Dominican Republic, and also the former main centre of the Spanish colonies in America. Nowadays, it is one of the most populated cities in the American continent. Its History and its incredible culture are the perfect combination to make it a ‘must see’ destination.

The beaches at Santo Domingo are not the only place that you can visit. Its historical centre has remained untouched through the years. It is so well preserved that in 1990 it was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. There you can walk around and appreciate the most emblematic and cherished buildings of the Dominican Republic. 

Another of the things that you can do in the Dominican Republic is visiting its great art museums. Santo Domingo has become the capital of the Caribbean art due to its incredible modern art creations. You will find them in these museums just next to the pieces of art from the old masters of Caribbean craftsmanship. A unique experience for sure! In particular, we believe that the Museum of Prehispanic Art is totally worth a visit: it is a wonderful reflection of the native antique artistic production.  

Among the beautiful beaches of Santo Domingo, we can highlight the beaches of Boca Chica, Guayacanes and Playa Caribe. The former one is the most popular one because of its white sand and blue water, something not so easy to find in other places. It is very close to San Andrés coral reef so you can swim without worries and relax on the shore.


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Enjoy Punta Cana’s charm 

Tourism at Dominican Republic is concentrated mainly at the eastern part. This is because of Punta Cana, the principal holiday destination for tourists with the best beaches and accommodations. One of the greatest hotels in the area is the Lopesan Costa Bávaro Resort, Spa & Casino. In there you will find the best customer service and the perfect places to relax, have fun and enjoy your stay at Dominican Republic. 

There are also countless activities to enjoy the nature at the Dominican coast. The walking trails will guide you through the native fauna and flora. In addition, you can also have the chance to snorkel in the deep turquoise waters and discover the amazing sea life next to the beautiful coral reef that surrounds Punta Cana. 

You will also get the opportunity to shop around in exclusive clothing stores, have lunch in exquisite restaurants and party in the best clubs. All of these make it the perfect place to enjoy your summer in Dominican Republic. 


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Visit the National Park of the East, La Romana 

Another natural wonder widely known all around the world is the National Park of the East, located in La Romana. This is the perfect touristic destination at Dominican Republic where you will find the biggest variety of animal species. You will be able to observe there over 100 avian species of different colours and sizes. Thanks to a guided tour, you will get to know more about the main ones and also listen to their wonderful singing along the way. And do not forget to also have a look at its unique native vegetation.

The park also has a zone open to the sea. There you can book a boat and discover four different species of sea turtles, Dominican manatees, bottlenose dolphins and an infinite variety of fishes. Nature tourism is one of the main economic resources in Dominican Republic and the ecological activities offered are very diverse and interesting. 

La Romana is one of the touristic points in Dominican Republic with a wider nature diversity. There, the visitors will be able to enjoy incredible activities such as snorkelling or trips to archaeological places. Its beaches are known because of their calmness and because they are one of the few places that remain protected from external harm. Its caving activities are also very popular due to the prehistoric paintings that you can find there. 

Have fun at Puerto Plata

Tourism at the north coast of Dominican Republic is also very popular. Close to the city of Puerto Plata you will find some of the most magnificent Caribbean beaches known for their crystal water and calmed environment. However, what we find very exciting about this city are the extreme sports, the ecotourism and whale watching.

A trip or an excursion into its immense forests is the best way to get to know this area. At the mountains that surround the city is also very common to do hiking or guided rock climbing. This is for sure a great alternative for those who enjoy open air activities. 

During the months of July and November it is possible to watch from Puerto Plata the humpback whales travelling in search for a warm place to reproduce. The Dominican Republic is one of the few places in the world where you can see this amazing event just in the front row.

There is a cable car of approximately 800 meters at the outskirts of the city  to get to the top of Isabel de Torres hill, where the Christ the Redeemer statue stands. This is a mandatory stop to take a picture of the city and the Dominican coast.

Tourism in Dominican Republic: almost priceless

Among the basic expenses to do tourism in Dominican Republic you should consider renting a car, what will cost you around 50€ or 60€. His option will help you to save a great quantity of money, since a taxi normally costs 10€ for every 10 minutes of trip. Then, you can have meals in restaurants in Dominican Republic from 5€ to 20€, depending on the quality of the restaurant. 

In our web page you will find all about all-included accommodation. Look at our different places in Dominican Republic and choose the option that fits your holiday budget at best.

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Discover the best touristic areas in the Dominican Republic in a trip that you will never forget! Step into the Dominican’s unique fauna and flora and live the greatest adventure thanks to all the options we offer you to stay at the Dominican island. Contact us and we will be very happy to help you!



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