How to get around Gran Canaria: transport and connections


To make a trip to Gran Canaria you will need information about the transport available on the island.

This will help you decide which option to choose each time to get to the area we want to visit in a short time and safely. In the Lopesan Group blog we will give you some interesting information on how to get around Gran Canaria.

Types of transport in Gran Canaria

How to get around in Gran Canaria? The simplest, walking. Tourists with reservations in      Hotels near the sea do not need any motorized means to get to the beach for two reasons: they are just a few meters away and it is mostly flat terrain.

However, the distance to the city and other towns on the island makes it necessary to travel by car, bus or guagua, as the inhabitants of the Canary Islands call the latter.

Even so, if you do not want to walk to get to the beach or want to move to other nearby beaches, Gran Canaria has a wide network of buses distributed throughout the main tourist areas with low prices if you are not in too much rush. Also, there is the option of a private means such as taxis or renting a car to go anywhere in a short time.

If, in addition to enjoying the area in which we are staying, we want to explore the island, it is advisable to  move around Gran Canaria,  to plan ahead the places we want to visit, to know in advance which are the most suitable means of transport.

These are some tips to know how to get around Gran Canaria:

Rental car

Depending on your vacation budget, hiring a rental car for your tour is a good option. This is a fast and comfortable way to get around Gran Canaria.

The Canary Islands is one of the safest destinations in Europe. Don’t worry about driving out alone or late at night. The roads are rightly sign-posted to guide you with the help of GPS, your smartphone or following the directions of its inhabitants.

To hire a vehicle, there are offices at the airport and in many of the hotels this service is also offered. If you choose this option, it is because you surely want to know how to get around Gran Canaria to explore it in depth and be able to choose your itinerary freely.  Also, gasoline is priced lower than other cities in Spain, which is an advantage.

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Just try to hire a car with unlimited mileage so as not to generate an extra fee for excess travel. Likewise, you may be interested in the second driver service to share the wheel if you travel as a family.

Finally, the most important thing is the comprehensive insurance in case of an unforeseen event on the road.


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Bus or Guagua

The most economical means of getting around and knowing how to get around Gran Canaria is its bus or guagua system. The company that operates on the island is called Global, its fleet is easy to identify because they are large, turquoise-blue buses. In the city of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, the company Guaguas Municipales manages this service and its fleet is distinguished by its characteristic yellow color.

By bus, it is possible to visit different places of interest such as the city of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Maspalomas, Playa del Inglés, Mogán, Tejeda, etc. Similarly, the bus network covers the entire island through its connections published on the official pages of these transport companies.

However, it is not a quick way to get around Gran Canaria, since it is necessary to make several vehicle changes to complete the journey to reach certain points on the island.

To get to more isolated or less crowded places or towns, we recommend a little patience as well as leaving early. On the other hand, within the city of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria the connections and frequencies of buses are much higher.

Taxis in Gran Canaria

Another option if you are still interested in documenting how to get around Gran Canaria and if you don’t have time, is to travel by taxi. The companies use white cars with the logo of the municipality to which they belong on the side. These are not too expensive to travel short distances even if at least four people go it is a similar price to the bus.

This changes when crossing from one municipality to another, by considerably increasing the rate. For this reason, we recommend that you use public transport for long distances and taxis only to move near the hotel or within the city.

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Moving around Las Palmas de Gran Canaria by bicycle

As in other cities in Europe, ecological means such as bicycles have also been adopted here, even for tourists. In addition to this, the importance of sport in Gran Canaria makes its inhabitants more and more inclined to cycle to take care of their health and move quickly on the special lanes for cyclists.

This alternative to move around Gran Canaria is available in the municipal rental services marked with the name of Sitycleta. Its price is about 3 euros per hour, although the weekly rate is for only 15 euros. It is perfect if you stay in the city of Las Palmas, to visit its artisanal markets or to get to the best museums in Gran Canaria that are in the capital.

Getting around Gran Canaria with excursions

Excursions are an ideal alternative to get around Gran Canaria without waiting for any transport or driving. If you are only looking to enjoy a walk through the natural parks or the best coves of Gran Canaria is the best option. On the island there are many agencies that organize trips to any place of interest, we recommend that you inquire at your accommodation.

Also, it is perfect to go to the least accessible places without spending all day on it. We suggest travelling by bus for short routes and if it is difficult to get to a specific beach, take an excursion. This combination will maintain a perfect balance to save time and money.

The information in this article will help you to know how to get around Gran Canaria. Stick to your list of places to visit no matter how close or far they are. Discover  in our blog more articles about what to see and do in the Canary Islands. If you are looking to stay in Gran Canaria, Lopesan offers you the best hotel service.



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