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Lopesan Costa Meloneras Resort, Corallium Spa & Casino

c/ Mar Mediterráneo, 1 , E-35100 Meloneras, Gran Canaria, España 0034- 928- 128- 181


The Corallium Spa Costa Meloneras offers its guests the unique circuit "Spa Experience", consisting of attractive treatments that use natural water at different temperatures, alternating areas of cold and heat, to improve the functioning of the muscles and provide vascular gymnastics beneficial to the entire body. Circuit temperatures are ranging from 4°C in the world of ice to 90°C in the African sauna, passing through 14°C Kneipp pool, 35°C float pool and 45°C Turkish bath and steam bath.

Through this spectacular circuit, the client will undertake a fantastic journey that will transport from the tropics and the Arab world to the North Pole and the Himalayas, all within an architecture completely integrated into the volcanic relief of the island of Gran Canaria. This is ultimately a path created in order to stimulate the innate ability of humans to naturally recover the lost balance and wellness, both physically and emotionally.

Himalayan Salt Cave

First room in Spain that recreates the environment of a salt cave in the Himalayas. It extracted from natural deposits situated from a depth of 100 to 300 meters, the crystalline salt of the Himalayas constitutes an extraordinary source of energy. It incorporates almost all the necessary trace elements for a healthy body and possesses a high contact of iodine. Made with salt crystallized bricks, the Himalayan salt cave acts as a natural ionizer that absorbs the excess of electromagnetic waves. For this reason, its use is especially recommended for those people that suffer asthma, migraines or allergies associated with the respiratory system.

Kneipp Walk (Kneipp cold water pool and reflexology)

Cold water pool in the style of the traditional Kneipp cure, for the stimulation of feet and legs. It has some small stones polished at the bottom that provide a special reflexology massage on the feet while you walk on them. The cold water enlarges the muscle tone, prevents the varicose veins and edemas in the lower limbs, and alleviates tired legs. Recommended time of use: 10 minutes.


Pool with water at body temperature (35°C), ergonomic seats and waterfalls that provide a relaxing massage on the neck and the upper part of the back, all of this in the colours of the Caribbean. Alternating its use with the cold water pool provide an effect of stimulation on the circulation.

Aqua Dome

This shower offers 3 different experiences of one minute, rain storm with 200l. water about every 60 seconds, combined with light effects and sound, combined with light tropical rain and tropical sounds and the third simulates the effect of being under a waterfall of 400l. water about every 20 seconds.

Cosy Wall & Showers

A wall especially designed to help the back, while the tepid water flows over the body like a waterfall.

Ice World (ice world and igloo)

Especially recommended after the sauna, it allows the therapeutic virtues of cold and ice. Decorated with stalactites, as the glacier caves, this space holds a temperature of 4 °C is maintained by means of real ice in the walls and the ceiling. There is a central cavern, accessed by a labyrinth, with ice applied on the body. Through this, the visitor will arrive finally to an igloo with warm ergonomic seats, whose temperature is 15-20 °C, and a refreshing cold water shower with different levels of pressure and forms of application.

Out of African Sauna (African sauna)

Dry heat room which increases the physical benefits of the sauna with the use of herbs and essential oils. With a really exceptional capacity (40 people), it maintains a constant temperature of 90°C. The dry heat opens the pores of the skin and favors the elimination of toxins by means of transpiration. Recommended time of use: 15 minutes (if you want to stay longer, it is necessary to leave and to take a cold water shower before entering again, thus obtaining a greater relaxation and detoxification).

Saline Caldarium (vapor bath)

With a temperature of 45 °C, this room combines the healthy effects of vapor and inhalations. Its use favors a healthy respiratory system and improvement the health of hair and skin. Using heat, the pores of the skin are opened, the blood capillaries dilate and the circulation to skin improves, thus starting the toxins elimination process. It is lit with a hot green color and with decoration inspired in the old Egyptian art, it has a floor, walls and warm seats, and a table in the centre where vapor and salts are released from. The aromatic eucalyptus oil in these vapors has a disinfectant effect on the skin and on the upper respiratory tracts, besides stimulating the nervous system. Recommended time of use: 20 minutes (after this treatment, the client should take a shower in the same room before continuing with the circuit).

Zodiac Relax Room (relaxation room with waterbeds)

A hot environment and soft lighting, especially thought up to promote the sensation of relaxation. It has several waterbeds, with a sign of the Zodiac lit up over each one of them. It is the perfect place to start the circuit. The light balance of waterbeds, music and soft lighting in the room give a pleasant sensation of protection, similar to like which a baby feels in the womb.

Turkish Hammam (Turkish bath)

Room inspired by Arabian traditional architecture, with a temperature of 45°C, humidity situated between 80 and 90%, and a source of water in the centre so you can refresh yourself. It has walls, a floor and warm ceramics seats. Its adequate combination of hot vapors with essential melisa oil, favors the moisturizing and purification of the skin. On the other hand, thanks to the heat of the room, an important elimination of toxins through transpiration is obtained. Recommended time of use: 20 minutes (next, the client should take a shower, it is recommendable to be given a Turkish massage later).

Lava Relaxion Dome

Relaxation with ergonomic sun-beds, lighting with colors inspired by the energy of the chakras, smooth, exotic fragrances sounds and a column of lava in the centre where water flows gently.

Lava Float Pool (flotation pool)

An extraordinary lava cave with a pool, inspired by the characteristic volcanic landscape of the Canary Islands. Thanks dissolved salts in the pool, the body floats gently in the water in a similar way to the Dead Sea. The underwater lighting gives special effects and contributes to this pleasant sensation of flotation, thus obtaining one of the most efficient forms of relaxation and well being. The temperature of the water is 35 °C. Recommended time of use: 20 minutes.

Changing rooms with lockers and showers

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