Superior Suites at the IFA Rügen Hotel & Ferienpark

A beautiful and comfortable space at the Superior Suites of the IFA Rügen Hotel & Ferienpark

The Superior Suites at the IFA Rügen Hotel & Ferienpark are large and bright rooms, especially designed to satisfy the needs of the most demanding guests. In them, you will have the chance to enjoy the endless views of the Baltic sea in a warm and open environment, perfect for resting and coming into contact with nature. These magnificent and complete suites are characterised by their size, superior to other hotel rooms.

But also for their meticulous furnishings and the delicacy of their décor, which will enable you to feel at home. Ultimately, comfort, good taste and practicality are the adjectives that best define the Superior Suites at the IFA Rügen Hotel & Ferienpark.

The colour scheme, the rustic style and the homely atmosphere of the Superior Suites at the IFA Rügen Hotel are three factors that captivate from the first glimpse. The room has unique decorative elements that transport the guest to a place full of warmth and closeness, such as the quilt on the double bed, pleasant with its yellow and red Scottish plaid pattern. Likewise, the curtains boost the brightness of every Superior Suite at the IFA Rügen Hotel thanks to the light tone of their flower print. The refined furniture completes the beauty of an environment that encourages rest.

However, it is not just the décor that makes the Superior Suites of the IFA Rügen Hotel & Ferienpark a fabulous establishment. What especially stands out about them is the aforementioned size. The area of 60-70m² includes the main area, the bathroom and a balcony with amazing panoramic views over the immense sea. Also, this room has essential services, such as a shower, a toilet, hairdryer and television with satellite channels, where our guests will find the best entertainment for spending a family afternoon or watching their favourite programs before ending the day. Likewise, they have a direct telephone, which makes it possible to contact reception in order to resolve any queries or problems at any time of day. In addition to all of this there is a water heater and a useful kitchen, fitted out with a coffee machine and toaster.

Staying in one of these incredible suites by the coasts of northern Europe is a magnificent option for these holidays. Don’t be left still wanting to experience it, book with Lopesan!

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