The Canary Islands are the perfect tourist destination to enjoy the best possible vacation. One of the fortunate islands is called Fuerteventura, a golden sands paradise inviting you to discover its far-reaching natural landscapes and the warm embrace of its people.

There you will discover the best turquoise water and golden sands beaches, and possibilities to practice so many outdoor, beach and seaside activities. There’s a space and a place for each and all: from family oriented areas with every service included to quiet, secluded beaches. Come with us now and discover the best areas in Fuerteventura.


Jandía Beach

Situated in one of the Canary Islands largest Natural Parks. If you are yet to discover Jandía Natural Park (established in 1987) you will be amazed to come across a spectacular landscape of beaches, sand dunes and pools of water created by the tide.

This area offers several beaches. The amber shore of Jandía beach stands out with its calm waters and golden sand. Close to the picturesque fishermen village of Morro Jable and its white houses, and also close to the stunning vistas from Jandia’s Lighthouse. An ideal beach for the whole family, provides activities for children and all hospitality services.



Butihondo Beach

Comprises three sections of beach that run along three kilometres of shore. It’s located to the south of Fuerteventura and is home to the Esquinzo Butihondo residential area. The most popular section is a clear water family beach. And another of the areas is a dedicated space for naturism.

There are several restaurants, snack bars and sport services available in the area. And if you want to forget about driving there’s a bus service connecting Butihondo to the town of Morro Jable.


Morro Jable Beach

Both Morro Jable and Jandía are considered to be among the most beautiful beaches in Fuerteventura. Greatly recommended for the practice of aquatic sports. More than four kilometres of clean, clear waters available for you to practice scuba diving, sail a catamaran or windsurf.  Another great feature of Morro Jable beach is the ample hospitality and leisure offer: restaurants, bars, shops, and daytime and night-time activities. This is why it’s at this idyllic location you will find the IFA Altamarena by Lopesan Hotels.

Morro Jable


Costa Calma

One of the most cosmopolitan areas in Fuerteventura. Located to the south and close to La Lajita village, it’s a very popular beach in Fuerteventura. Two kilometres of white sand and clear blue waters ideal for a walk admiring the surrounding mountains. And you will find plenty of restaurants and bars in the area, too.

It is also a renowned beach among surf lovers for its waves and favourable winds.


Cofete Beach

A different kind of beach, Cofete occupies a wilder patch on the south of Fuerteventura and to the north of Jandía. Less family oriented, its 12 kilometres free of structures or buildings (except for one small village) and lack of paved roads make the area unspoiled and free.

It is a slightly hard to reach shoreline, the steep and rocky terrain don’t favour easy access. But golden sands and volcanic red rocks will be your welcoming reward. Due to strong tides and waves it’s advised not to let children swim here, and even adults should exercise caution. Nevertheless, the raw beauty of the landscape makes the trip well worth the effort.



La Pared Beach

Another rough and wild beach. Located in the municipality of Pájara, to the southwest of Fuerteventura, and extending for a short but charming two hundred metres, the geography of La Pared has been sculpted by strong winds and eroded by water. Its natural surroundings, untamed and hard to reach, don’t make this one a beach for the whole family. But being secluded and hugged by the rock wall (la pared) it’s the less windy beach you will find on the island.

La Pared beach faces west, making it an ideal place to watch the sunset from.


El Puertito Beach (Lobos Island)

Well protected from waves and currents, el Puertito is a white sand area with crystal clear water allowing you to see the bottom of the sea. Once on Lobos Island you must visit los Charcones, natural pools formed in the surrounding landscape. It’s a family friendly environment with rocky vistas, and it flies the blue flag of quality for both its nature and its available services.

Puertillo isla de lobos


La Concha Beach (Lobos Island)

La Concha is nested in a crescent moon shape itself, protecting its shallow waters from wind and tide. This beach is perfect for families. As a matter of fact many camp on the surrounding area and spend a few days and nights in this wonderful spot. The beach has very fine white coloured sand and is also shielded by a natural reef, making its waters ideal for diving and exploring the richness of the ocean floor. La Concha beach is located in Lobos Island, an islet close to the north of Fuerteventura.


Corralejo Dunes Beach

In Corralejo Dunes Natural Park you can find some of the best beaches in Fuerteventura. Located to the north of the island, it consists of nine kilometres of dunes of fine white sand and crystal clear waters. In this strikingly beautiful setting you can find jewels like small rock coves or sprawling quiet beaches visited by few locals and not many tourists.

Dunas de corralejo


Ajuy Beach

This charming beach is located in the town of Ajuy and is a favourite among the local people. About 300 metres in length and partly a protected space, it is home to a series of volcanic caves that are very well worth visiting. The beach itself is rocked by strong waves and has black volcanic sand. 

Close to the beach are a few restaurants where you can try typical fishing village dishes. One advice: Don’t miss out on the incredible, ever-changing colours of its sunset. The parking lot is fairly small, so it’s recommended to arrive early in the morning.


This has been our top ten picks for the best beaches in Fuerteventura. As you’ve already seen, there are plenty of options: family friendly beaches with every service and activity available like Butihondo or Ajuy, and secluded beaches like La Pared. All are privileged locations where you can enjoy nature and yourself in the most wonderful surroundings.

Lopesan Fuerteventura Inglés

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